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    started from the bottom and i was somehow able to get lower

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    Chun-Li putting the smack down on white people

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  3. Straight White Boy Problem #529


    bro we should totally carve some marijuana leaves into this pumpkin *doesn’t know how to carve a pumpkin* its ok bro. my mom can do it

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    WITHOUT ME?????

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  7. My activity looks eerily like an EKG line…

    • parents:   you spend too much time on the computer, it's like you're addicted
    • me:   fine can i go out
    • parents:   no
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    today a teenage white boy looked me straight in the face, pointed at himself, winked at me, and said “so how about helping papa bear with his math homework?” and i think i was speechless for a total of 10 seconds before telling him i dont associate with people who call themselves papa bear

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    • What i say:   I have anxiety
    • What most people think i said:   I am awkward but cute awkward and shy.
    • What people assume:   I am imagining illnesses to justify my lifestyle and personality.
    • What i actually mean:   I live in a constant fear. I worry about the past, current or future situations, i have stomach and head pains all the time, tachycardia and awful panic attacks that include heart palpitations, and breathing problems. I suffer everyday and not only in "stressful situations". I think so much before i do something and eventually i don't do it at all, so people think i am lazy. I suffer from insomnia. I sweat to the idea of having to interact with people. I don't use the word anxiety to justify anything or to make myself look cool. It's a mental disorder, i have to live with it and find ways to control the symptoms. It is not a trend. Many people around the world actually suffer from this disorder. Accept those who have it and help them, don't judge them, don't joke about it. NEVER.